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Death of a whore
  Script & Direction:
Harmonía Carmona
Producer :
José Pedro Estepa
Chief Producer :
Amelie Saillez
Photography : Toni Anglada
Edited by : Carlos Prieto
Original music : Laura Teruel

"Death of a whore".
Stories of love, solidarity and commitment full of happiness and willpower that transforms. These terms have never been associated with the world of prostitution. "Death of a whore" is an unedited view of the sex trade that introduces us to exceptional women that shed all the prejudices.
Switzerland's most famous prostitute and media image dies in Geneva on May 31, 2005: Grisélidis Réal. The trip through her biography will show us remarkable countries and women. Prostitutes from Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Spain who have shared a unique way of living the sex trade with her. They are women who narrate their experiences in prostitution in a positive way and at the same time direct the most active European groups in defence of the regularization of the sex trade.