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Adriana's thread
Woman in prison
  Year: 2002
Format: Betacam digital 16:9
Directed by: José Pedro Estepa Realization:
José Pedro Estepa y Jorge Rey
Script: Lisa Beger
Productionn: Pura Arenal
y Natalie Prévot
Photography: Pol Turents Documentation: Elena Ortega

A Creación Multimedia production for Documentos TV (TVE)
Award for Best Human Rights Report granted by the Consejo General de la Abogacía, 2003

Spain has over 4,000 women in its prisons, the equivalent of 8% of the total incarcerated population. This is the highest percentage in Europe.

Ariadna's Thrad. Women in prison takes a closer look at the reasons behind this phenomenon. Eight women - prisoners and ex-prisoners - tell their stories and reflect on how they changed while doing their sentences. The documentary shows how some of these women can find their way out of the labyrinth - hence achieving social reinsertion - with help often provided more by association volunteers than by the official institutions.