• Huellas de chapapote
• Erik the belgian
• El ultimo viaje
• Death of a whore
• Latin beat I
• Latin beat II
• Trials
• Mi generación
• Men
• Secondary school time
• Lost childhood
• Invisible mothers
• Toledo, the doors of change
• Ariadna's thread. women in prison
• Coexisting with difference
• Manhattan, a caribbean island
• Jamaica, from cayman to jamaica
• Easter island. mata rangi
• Trinidad and tobago
• Return the condor to the sea

Caribbean Island
  Year: 2002
Format: Betacam digital 16:9 Realization: José Pedro Estepa
Script: José Pedro Estepa
Photography: Josu Incháustegui
Músic: Bernardo Palombo y otros

A ING production with Creación Multimedia participation
Broadcasted on ETB, Canal Sur, TVG and Canal 9

Rubén Blades, Bernardo Palombo or Sophia Ramos and the artist Andrés Serrano, show us the hidden side of Latin emigration and the changes experienced by a Latin American person in skyscraper city. Creation and Latin pride go by the hand in a city that's one of the world's biggest melting pots.