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Invisible mothers
Women loves women
  Year: 2003
Format: Betacam digital 16:9 Realization: José Pedro Estepa Producer:
José Pedro Estepa
Script: Oliva Acosta
Elena Ortega
Photography: Xavi Garriga
Edited by: Roger Reig
Músic: Mercedes Resino

Women loves women. Invisible mothers portrays the lives of five women who once thought that their sexual option would never allow them to form a family. These are lesbians who refuse to accept not having children. A decision which has radically changed their lives, bringing them head on into confrontation with a whole variety of obstacles and prejudice.

They've taken the plunge, but now they have to deal with their doubts, feelings and desires. The documentary shows how their families and friends have experienced the process and reflects on the difficulty existing today of public