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Coexisting with difference
  Year of production: 2001
Format: Betacam digital 16:9
Directed by :
José Pedro Estepa Realization:
José Pedro Estepa y Jorge Rey
Script: Eva Espinet
Mercedes Barranco
Organization of production :
Pura Arenal
Photography: Xavier Garriga
Editing: Xavier Proubasta

A Creación Multimedia production for Documentos TV (TVE) Selected for the exhibition: Documentos TV, Espacio de Realidad. Madrid, March 2004.

Diversity, mixed races, fusion, global hamlet, are words that are now on everyone's lips. The stars ofCoexisting with difference all live the situation first-hand. Their lives have a great deal in common with the wealth, drama and occurrences enclosed by this situation. These are men and women from both sides of the Gibraltar Straits who live together, enjoying and suffering the consequences of doing so.

Here we see the experiences of couples with Arab or western surnames who reflect on their customs, their everyday struggle, their differentiating reality. Lives which met at one stage, finding the thread that linked them: the assimilation of difference.

Juan Goytisolo, extremely familiar with the two worlds, comments in the report: "Cultures that turn in on themselves, that are inward-looking, are a symbol of weakness and decadence".