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• Erik the belgian
• El ultimo viaje
• Death of a whore
• Latin beat I
• Latin beat II
• Trials
• Mi generación
• Men
• Secondary school time
• Lost childhood
• Invisible mothers
• Toledo, the doors of change
• Ariadna's thread. women in prison
• Coexisting with difference
• Manhattan, a caribbean island
• Jamaica, from cayman to jamaica
• Easter island. mata rangi
• Trinidad and tobago
• Return the condor to the sea

Latin beat II
Mestizos Times
  Format: Betacam digital 16:9
Directed by:
José Pedro Estepa
y Eterio Ortega
José Pedro Estepa, Eterio Ortega y Cristina Muñoz
Production: David González Photography: Daniel Salas
Edited by: Antonio Escalonilla
Music: Leyva y otros

A Cedecom and Creación Multimedia coproduction
Broadcasted on TVE, Hispavisión, Canal Sur, Canal 2 Andalucía, HBO, Canal Once, Documania, RTO

Latin Beat records the gradual penetration and influence of the Latin society and culture in the USA.

This two-episode documentary series focussed on New York, melting pot of different cultures and foretaste of North American society to come. Over fifty people belonging to different sectors of the Latin and Anglo-Saxon worlds such as music, cinema, painting, gastronomy, photography, the media, theatre, dance, politics, religion and fashion analyze what is known as the "Latin boom", ignoring stereotyped considerations of the phenomenon.

Outstanding among the participants are Rubén Blades, Peter Seeguer, Philip Glass, David Byrne, Boby Sanabria, Compay Segundo andJohn Quiñones.